Apps & Integrations

Every day, open source contributors from around the world make Mattermost more useful. Below is a list of applications created by the community.

To be included, please let us know about your work (and fill out the optional mailing section to receive a Limited Edition Mattermost Mug as a thank you gift!). We ask that integrations listed here are well-tested and include a README file with clear setup instructions.

Also, please consider tweeting to us at @MattermostHQ so we can share the news!

Native Applications

(Official) Mattermost iOS application
ios by mattermost (reference implementation on iTunes)

(Official) Mattermost Android application
android by mattermost (reference implementation on Google Play)

(Official) Mattermost Windows, OS X, and Linux Application
mattermost-desktop by mattermost (originally electron-mattermost by yuya-oc)


Hangout bot plugin for Mattermost
mattermost-hangout by chitter99

Tuleap bot plugin for Mattermost
tuleap-bot-plugin by Enalea

Hubot adapter for Mattermost using outgoing webhooks
hubot-mattermost by renanvicente

Hubot adapter for Mattermost using bot account
hubot-matteruser by loafoe

Sample Golang bot for Mattermost
mattermost-bot-sample-golang by mattermost

Mattermost client supporting bot integerations 
mattermost-client by loafoe

Mattermost bot connected to user account
mattermost_bot by LPgenerator

Mattermost chatbot
matterbot by JLospinoso

Bot dialogue manager for Mattermost
mattermost-mbot by MLescaudron

Stewie Bot for Mattermost
stewie by nnewman

Issue Tracker Integrations

CodeBeamer integration for Mattermost
cb-mattermost by CometKim

Jira webhook bridge for Mattermost
jira-matter-bridge by vrenjith

Jira webhook connector for Mattermost
mattermost-jira by unco-games

Jira integration for Mattermost via Lightweight middleware API
jimam by fractalvision

Kanboard plugin for Mattermost
kanboard-plugin-mattermost by fguillot

Pivotal Tracker integration for Mattermost
mattermost-integration-pivotaltracker by lefebvre

Redmine integration for Mattermost 
redmine-mattermost by altsol

Trac integration for Mattermost
trac-mattermost by truveris

Monitoring Service Integrations

Cisco Syslog Integration for Mattermost
Cisco Syslog to Mattermost (csm) by 42wim

Nagios Integration for Mattermost
nagios-mattermost by NDrive

Pandora FMS Integration for Mattermost
pandorafms by pandorafms

Sentry Integration for Mattermost
sentry-mattermost by NDrive

CI Integrations

Jenkins plugin for Mattermost
jenkins-mattermost-plugin by jovandeginste

Mattermost publisher for Jenkins Job Builder
jenkins-jobs-mattermost by jovandeginste

Rundeck Integration for Mattermost
rundeck-mattermost-incoming-webhook-plugin by zodman


tee command (send stdout also to Mattermost)
mattertee by 42wim

PowerShell integration for Mattermost
postto-mattermost by Tsynapse

Mattersend CLI Tool for Mattermost
mattersend by mtorromeo

Matterhook CLI Tool for Mattermost
matterhook by ultrabug

Vagrant Packager for Mattermost
mattermost-packager by trashcan

CLI tool in PHP for Mattermost
mattermostsendphp by joho1968

/slash service dispatcher in PHP for Mattermost
mmsrvdispatch by joho1968

Source Control Integrations

GitHub integration for Mattermost
ghmm by UlfS

GitLab integration Service for Mattermost
mattermost-integration-gitlab by NotSqrt

GitHub integration Service for Mattermost
mattermost-integration-github by softdevteam

Mercurial integration for Mattermost
hg-mattermosthooks by altsol

Subversion Integration Service for Mattermost
mattermost-subversion-integration by bitbackofen

Hosted Services

ContainerShip Cloud for Mattermost
mattermost-cloud by containership

Deployment and Configuration Management

Puppet Module for Mattermost
puppet by liger1978

Chef Cookbook Installer for Mattermost
cookbooks by kcorupe

Ansible Playbook Installer for Mattermost
mattermost-ansible by tjtoml

Interactive Applications

Two-way OpsGenie Integration for Mattermost
opsgenie-integration by opsgenie

Bridge between Mattermost channel and IRC, XMPP, Gitter and Slack
matterbridge by 42wim

Lua-bridge between Mattermost channel and Bitbucket, Sentry
mattermost-openresty by CGenie

Matterbridge Plus for Mattermost
matterbridge-plus by 42wim

CalendarBot for Mattermost
matterbot-calendarBot by mharrend

Facebook integration service for Mattermost
matterbook by ldziedziul

Giphy integration service for Mattermost
mattermost-integration-giphy by mattermost

Giphy Mat Hooker for Mattermost
gipymathooker by framasoft

IRC server integrating with Mattermost
matterircd by 42wim

Jira Interactive Integration for Mattermost
mattermost-jira-info by woutervb

Question2Answer plugin for Mattermost
qa-mattermost-notifications by Schoaf

Additional Integrations

Chrome Badge for Mattermost
mattermost-chrome-badge by dahdahm

Disqus integration for Mattermost
disqus-mattermost by jonathanwiesel

Eclipse project infrastructure for Mattermost (RSS, Git, Gerrit, Bugzilla, Eclipse Forums, Twitter, Mailing Lists, Jenkins/Hudson)
jstuart by cbrun 

Email Integration for Mattermost
mattermail by rodrigocorsi2

Mattermost API Client for Rust
mars by tick

Mattermost API Wrapper for Ruby
mattermost-ruby by joshmn

Node module for Mattermost webhooks
node-mattermost by jonathanwiesel

Outlook Integration for Mattermost
outlook-matters by makmu

Pager Duty Integration for Mattermost via Hubot Adapter
hubot-whos-on-call-mattermost by cadecairos

RSS- and Atom-Feed Integration Service for Mattermost
mattermost-rss-integration by bitbackofen

Threema Integration Service for Mattermost
threema-mattermost by Enproduktion

Trello Integration for Mattermost
matterllo by Lujeni

Winston Logger for Mattermost
winston-mattermost by seigneur