Code Contribution Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Mattermost. This guide provides an overview of information important for contributors to know.

  1. Contributing code 
    1. Please see our Code Contribution Guide on the process for setting up a development environment, forking Mattermost, making updates and submitting pull requests. Also includes instructions on becoming an approved contributor.
  2. Security vulnerability disclosure
    1. If you suspect a security vulnerability, please report it in private email to We ask that you do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.
    2. You can view our full responsible disclosure policy here. 
  3. Open tickets accepting pull requests
    1. While any pull request may be considered by the core team, the most straight forward way to have a request accepted is by working on tickets from a list of open issues marked “accepting pull requests” in Jira or from a list of issues marked “Help Wanted” in GitHub by the core team
    2. You can also review a list of planned tickets to make sure you’re not working on something that’s been publicly declared in-progress by the core team.
  4. Other links
    1. Mattermost Documentation Guidelines
    2. Experience Design Principles