Mattermost Install Guides

Official Installation Instructions

If you use Docker, install a single-container preview of Mattermost in one-line, you can also install as a compiled Linux binary in production options below:

Preview – Amazon Setup – Elastic Beanstalk Setup (latest major release)
Preview – Local Machine Setup – Mac OS X, UbuntuArch (latest major release)

Production – Linux Setup – UbuntuRHEL 6RHEL 7Debian (latest major release)
Production – GitLab Install – Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Oracle  

Developer Machine Setup – Mac OS X Ubuntu (latest major release)

Upgrade Guide – Upgrading Mattermost to latest stable release

Community Installers

A wide array of Mattermost installers are available

Here we’re listing links to community resources for deploying Mattermost in different environments. If you’d like an installation guide project listed, please tweet to us at @MattermostHQ or mail

Please also consider contributing improvements to the installers below.

Puppet Module (Mattermost v4.0.1) by liger1978
Heroku Installer (Mattermost v4.0.1) by cadecairos, based on Heroku Integration by tommyvn
Chef Cookbook Installer (Mattermost v3.5.0) by kcorupe
Ansible Playbook Installer (Mattermost v4.0.1) by tjtoml
Cloud Foundry Installer (Mattermost v3.8.2) by ArthurHlt
OpenShift Origin Installer (Mattermost v4.0.1) by goern
Yunohost Installer (Mattermost v4.0.1) by kemenaran
Cloud Foundry BOSH release for Mattermost in AWS, vSphere, GCE, Azure, OpenStack and more (Mattermost v2.2.0) by cloudfoundry-community (drnic)
Kubernetes Installer for Mattermost (Mattermost v1.4.0) by Redspread
Jelastic Installer and Guide (Mattermost v1.2.1) by layershift

We also have community packages for the Desktop App:

Chocolatey Installer for Windows Desktop App (Mattermost Desktop App v3.7.0) by hansnull
Homebrew-Cask for Mac Desktop App (Mattermost Desktop App v3.7.0) by caskroom

Community Installation Guides

Binary Lane Mattermost deploy script (Mattermost v1.1) by @trawg
Ubuntu 14.04 Production Install with 3 EBS Volumes (Mattermost v1.0) by sergekh42
Kontena Install Guide by @KontenaInc

Community Hosting Providers