Mattermost Manifesto

Our mission is to give every organization the power to achieve their highest priorities through modern communication

We see a future where organizations are more connected, more resilient and more empowered, where they perform as the sum of their strengths to fulfill their potential.

Mattermost accelerates this change through high quality, user-centered, globally-minded open source software for team communication, and with advanced, corporation-centered, policy-minded commercial software for enterprise communication.

Who we serve

At the center of our mission are two types of organizations: teams and enterprises. We serve teams by delivering Mattermost Team Edition as a free, high quality open source “virtual office” for them to work together anywhere in the world, across phone, web and PCs. We serve enterprises with Mattermost Enterprise Edition, a commercial, corporate-grade “virtual campus” made up of teams and supported by advanced features.


We think of teams as groups people who know each other by name and who work together on a daily basis. Some team members may come and go over time. The core team may work with a much larger extended team of part time or sporadic members who occasionally drop in to help on projects. Different members of the team have different needs:

  • End users in teams need to have all team communication in one place–messages from team members, documents, images and files shared, notifications and integrations from their vital tools–and have all their content searchable, secure, and accessible from any device.
  • IT Admins in teams should be able to install Mattermost in minutes on servers they control. When IT admins are contracted–via a hosting provider for example–they should be able to offer Mattermost to teams as easily as they would offer a WordPress instance. IT admins also need deployment support with guides and tutorials to educate users on how to use the new system, and guides for administering, upgrading and managing a Mattermost server.The IT Admin should lso be prepared to answer help desk requests from end users, such as resetting passwords, removing access from lost devices, or setting various system configuration options. Moreover, the contents of Mattermost must be portable, so if quality ever starts to decline from a hosting provider, the team can easily switch providers, and the team is never locked in.
  • Developers in teams should be able to connect vital tools to Mattermost through pre-made integrations as well as popular integration standards, such as Slack-compatible webhooks, drivers and documented APIs. Developers should have access to a host of open source templates to easily reuse and extend.
  • Leadership in teams, the people making decisions about tools investments should have the data, documentation and materials needed to decide if Mattermost is potentially a fit for their organization, and ask IT admins in one link to preview Mattermost and to try out the system. In small teams the leadership role is often filled by an end user or IT admin.

Mattermost Team Edition

Mattermost Team Edition is released monthly as a well-tested, well-documented binary under an MIT license. The focus of Team Edition is getting 100% of a team’s internal communications into one place, and off of email and SaaS products that lock-in a team’s data as part of their business model. It is straight forward to install and 16-year-old of reasonable intelligence should be able to understand and configure every feature.

Our core offer to teams is: All your team communication in one place, easy-to-use, searchable and accessible anywhere.

  • All your team communication in one place means users should be able easily to share files and messages 1-1, with the whole team or with selected team members. It also means integrations are available for a team’s vital tools, to offer notifications, reporting and even interactivity with external systems from within the Mattermost experience.
  • Easy-to-use means system functionality is obvious and self-explanatory, with tutorials, menu choices, in-app help text and also help documentation. It also means having appropriate notifications so that users never miss important messages, and yet aren’t inundated. For the IT admin this means providing documentation around installation, deployment, configuration, administration, upgrade and maintenance, with access to deep repositories of community support information. An educated high school student should be able to understand and configure every feature.
  • Searchable means users can find what they need quickly and easily. Core functionality is searching messages and files by keyword, wildcard or phrase, with filters for channels, users and hashtags.
  • Accessible anywhere means having native mobile applications for iOS and Android, desktop applications for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, all with a consistent, reliable, easy-to-use experience, even when internet connectivity is intermittent.

The focus for the team edition is maximizing the number of Mattermost deployments bringing value to teams and end users. Maximizing active Mattermost servers means in addition to our core offer to teams and end users we need to make Team Edition simple to install and manage for IT admins, straight forward to customize and extend for developers, and easy to approve for team leaders. It also means improvements to Team Edition for small and medium-sized organizations aren’t pushed aside by the needs of large organizations. Team edition is for teams.


We think of enterprises as hundreds or thousands of individuals that move in and out of teams on a daily basis to make progress towards shared goals. Because of their size, enterprises create a tremendous amount of value in the world, and they invest heavily in products and infrastructure that increase their output.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition is built on top of the open source platform as a fully supported commercial software offering to serve the needs of these customers. Revenue from the enterprise business ensures the continued stewardship of the open source Team Edition.

The open source and enterprise editions are designed to smoothly upgrade and downgrade into each other without data loss. This means portions of enterprise code may appear in the open source edition to minimize complexity.